Louis XIV Furniture

Louis XIV Furniture was influenced by the Italians and is associated with the baroque period.

Fashions of gone by days tended to follow Royalty and as France under this King became a great power all fashions came from the Court.

Large sums of money were spent on decorating his palaces and much of the furniture was in silver.

Alas he had to send his furniture off to be melted down to pay for his expensive wars!

Consol Tables, candlestands and chairs were often gilded, silvered or decoratively painted.

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Marquetry and inlays were popular and of course André-Charles Boulle (1642-1732) perfected the art of marquetry by using such materials as Tortoiseshell, brass, horn, tin and pewter amongst other things.

Beds which up till now hadn't received much attention became endowed with voluptuous volumes of fabric.

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The Bureau or table with drawers made its appearance along with small tables and candlestands.

The commode or chest of drawers was introduced towards the end of the century.

Chairs took on the curves to match the tables and by the middle of the century the emphasis was towards comfort. The winged armchair was introduced towards the end of the 1700s.

Chairs were often made in sets. Chair seats became lower, wider and deeper and nearing the end of the period the backs became higher and more shapely.

I have found some pictures of clocks as well in an ancient book on antique French furniture which are included.

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