German Baroque Furniture

German Late Baroque Furniture from ca.1700-1730

Furniture of this period in Germany is still to be found. Commodes came into fashion around this time and can be found in solid oak, cherry and pine. The pine pieces would have been painted. Then of course there were veneered versions often on a pine ground wood and veneered with walnut and various fruit woods, with boarders, ribbons or marquetry.

The Cupboard (armoire) or 'Barockschrank' became popular and took on various styles depending on where in Germany they were made.  Again remember that these styles continued to be made much later as well and it is very difficult to tell sometimes how old such a cupboard is. 

German cupboards are very practical, as they often come to pieces very easily for easy transport up and down narrow stairways.


German Baroque Cupboards German Baroque furniture German Baroque schrank

Another popular piece of german furniture of this period was the 'schreibschrank' or Bureau Cabinet. 

 German Baroque chest German Baroque Cupboards German Baroque table


Don't forget that the Cupboards or Armoires were made in the same style up until the end of 1800 and later copies were made due to the fact that they were so popular and expensive.

 German Baroque arm chairs German Baroque chairs


This is less so for the commodes although I have seen many marquetry commodes which, I suspect, with closer inspection wouldn't be as old as they look either!